Issues with In Store Pick Up

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The In-Store Pick Up option continues to be an issue for us.

We regularly have customers who accidentally chooses "In Store Pick Up" so then we end up having to invoice them separately for shipping. After all the corresponding and invoicing, it takes up a lot of time.

I know that the Shopify template is pretty rigid and hard to change up. Is there any way that there could be a popup window that says "Are you sure you want to pick up your order in store" right before the credit card goes through?

It looks like the default radio button for shipping is "in store pick up". Is there a way that there could be no default at all? So there would be an error when nothing is chosen?

Please advise, thank you!


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Modifying the actual checkout page appears to be limited to Shopify Plus merchants only.


I did some searching and found that this has been a problem for quite some time.


Coming from a background of programming apps for a competitor platform, it's surprising that this simple feature has not been introduced yet.  It's as simple as adding a number field for each shipping method where you can manually enter a sort value.

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Did you ever find a solution to this?  I am having this exact same problem.


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- "You selected local pickup. Please confirm you are picking up your order in store" pop up before payment page. 

- A way to make it so they have to actually SELECT the location (even if there is only one location) 


I honestly don't know if people are stupid or trying to scam but it seems like at least 1 in 4 of my local pickup orders are out of state people who "accidentally" (HOW?!) selected it.