Issues with Missing Customer Information for Colissimo Relay Delivery in Checkout

Issues with Missing Customer Information for Colissimo Relay Delivery in Checkout

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Hello Shopify Community,


I'm reaching out for assistance regarding a persistent issue I'm facing on my Shopify store, specifically during the checkout process when customers choose relay delivery options. I'm using Colissimo, in France.


The core of the problem is the occasional lack of essential information, like the customer's phone number, in the delivery address details. For Colissimo relay deliveries, having a phone number is crucial for purchasing a shipping label. Unfortunately, this missing information forces me to manually edit the delivery address using the billing information provided by the customer.


This becomes an even bigger issue when a customer doesn't include their phone number in their billing address. In such cases, it's impossible for me to obtain a shipping label.


A particularly concerning scenario arises with Paypal Express Checkout combined with relay delivery. I've had instances where I received neither the customer's name, surname, nor phone number—only an email address. In these situations, Shopify Shipping cannot provide a shipping label, and I constantly encounter errors when attempting to purchase one.


The only solution I've found in these extreme cases is to email the customer and hope for a timely response, which is far from ideal.


I've reached out to Shopify's technical support, but they seem to think that everything is functioning as intended.


Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you in advance for your help!


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Hello V1nce,

I just came across your post while I am in the middle of an exchange between Shopify, Mondial Relay and Paypal regarding this subject.

This case also occurs for Mondial Relay relay points when the customer uses Paypal Express, i.e. an accelerated payment where the billing information is not necessarily mandatory or reported automatically, this is probably due to a loss of information between the passage of order / payment validation / upload in Shopify Shipping to the relay point tool (Mondial Relay in our case and Colissimo in yours).

The only alternative that we have found at the moment is to tell customers to present the email with the tracking number in order to obtain their order, if necessary the partner of the relay point may refuse to deliver the package if no name is given.

Shopify therefore referred us to Paypal, who confirmed that everything is working on their side, the subject is in progress at Shopify and we are awaiting feedback from Mondial Relay on this subject, but if you confirm that Colissimo is the same thing then the only explanation would be that the problem must be with Shopify / Paypal.

We also hope for a quick solution while knowing that we use an application fully integrated with Shopify and not a third-party App.

If you get any news we are interested 🙂

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I found this thread: 


It seems that the problem is therefore present in a general way and has been reported for a long time without it having been taken into account by Shopify, it would be interesting to have feedback from the devs on this subject, Paypal being fully integrated with Shopify and partner elsewhere.

Yours sincerely

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