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I am trying to figure out how to allow customers to choose a shipping option for each item in their cart.  If the customer has 2 items in their cart, I would want the customer to be able to choose the shipping option for each item within one order.  Also, looking to be able to offer different options based upon each item in the cart.  Some of the examples of reasoning are below:


  1. Small parcel vs. LTL - a small parcel (fedex, ups, usps) item would have different shipping options compared to the larger item requiring LTL (Estes, AGS, Fedex Freight) services.
  2. Store pickup vs. Ship to Home - some of our items are only able to be picked up from our store, some are only able to be shipped to home, and some are able to have both.

Any help around this topic would greatly be appreciated.




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Hi @bpribnow , I understand your issue. Have you tried looking into software like Fenix Commerce that is able to optimize shipping rates and provide your customers the best shipping experience?