Japan Shopify payment vs Third-party providers vs Alternative payment methods

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Hello all and hope you guys are doing well!

I'm having an enormous doubt regarding these 3 payment options mentioned on the subject. My store is located in Japan and all our audience are locally.

Since our products average price is more than a 1000 USD lot of customers prefer to use the credit card and divide the payment in different months or using the revolving credit. Since this is not offered by the Shopify's payment default, we are forced to use an alternative method.

As you can see on the below screenshot, I have 3 options: Shopify Payment - Third-party providers - Alternative payment methods

Schermata 2021-07-06 alle 22.42.53.png


This provider that offers the revolving payment belongs to the Alternative payment methods which as per the above screenshot does not mention any +2% commission fee, therefore I can consider only the commission from the alternative service provider (3.5%) or 2% + 3.5%. 

The problem  occurs on the checkout page where credit cards payment are duplicated and so confusing for the customer.

I tried to uncheck all the credit card options from Shopify payment  but I get the following error: "You must add a payment method to your account."

Schermata 2021-07-06 alle 22.41.55.png

Does anyone have an idea? Actually the extra +2% from Shopify's fee could be painful considering our average price of the products..

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