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Klarna Payments Adding Tags to Order

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Hey Folks,

Hope everyone is well and thanks so much for any support / help from here.

We have started using Klarna Payments on one of our client sites. The integration went well and the Klarna Payments option is working perfectly fine, meaning we can now take orders with Klarna.

However, we have an issue where by Klarna is tagging the order with "Klarna Payments" and "buy_now_pay_later_with_klarna" having these tags on the order is causing issues with our fulfilment warehouse and in turn is not sending the order to the warehouse to be fulfilled. 

We have contacted Klarna about this and they have said speak to Shopify, but from what I thought, it was the Klarna integration that was setting these tags. Has anyone ever had this issue or do anyone from Shopify know anything about this?

Thanks so much in advanced.


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Hi @Glen_Wheeler ,

The Klarna ShopifyHPP code does add tags to the Shopify orders and this is the first case we've encountered where this has caused issues.   With some time, we can update the code to make the tags configurable so that you could turn that feature off, but it would be helpful to have more information about your fulfillment system and why extra tags on a Shopify order block fulfillment.  Could you private direct message me if you are willing to share more info, and hopefully also provide your Klarna support case number so I can follow up on that.   I can then share our ticket number for this feature change for reference.

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Hi again @Glen_Wheeler ,

Today we updated code to enable merchants to be able to now configure if tags (either 'Klarna Payments' tag and/or the alternative payment method name tag) are added to Shopify orders by the code the Klarna Payments for Shopify as an alternative payment method.  You can access these configuration options from the Klarna Payments app in your Shopify store admin (or via the 'Template Settings' tab from

I hope this helps resolve the issues for your integration!