Label printer that prints direct from Shopify app

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Hello everyone!

Does anyone have a recommendation for a wireless/bluetooth shipping label printer that will print DIRECTLY from the Shopify app?  I see printers that say they are compatible with Shopify but when I read reviews, I’m seeing that you have to go into a different app to print. 
I look forward to your feedback. 

Jayme - The Sock Barrel 

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Hi @Thesockbarrel 


The Shopify Label Printer App is used to generate and print labels for business activities such as record management and shipping. This type of application enables businesses to create personalized labels that meet customer needs and laws and regulations. Warehouse and inventory departments, as well as logistics professionals, use the label printing app.

This type of app is provided by label printing hardware or software vendors. The label printing app should be compatible with the most common types of label printers when delivered independently. Label printing solutions integrate with barcode software as most labels need a barcode.

If you need any help and support you may contact us.