Lawsuit against Shopify? BEWARE & RUN AWAY!

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My company is registered in HK but our customers mostly based in US, so we would love to accept USD only. All prices on the website are in USD. When we initially submitted bank details to Shopify, in the first 3 payouts we noticed that Shopify converted money from USD to HKD and issued HKD to our USD bank.
We have never received those money and their absolutely brainless chat support is nowhere near helpful, they keep saying that they have "100% sent it and never received back". So I have to go to my bank. My bank says they have never received any of those transactions ever and I have to go back to Shopify. I have been doing this Ping Pong for 4 months and I am so sick of it.
Shopify doesn't have a phone line & they refuse to connect me to a senior management. They keep only saying to check the ticket & the guys handling my ticket just keep saying to go back to my bank. They refused to do official bank investigation from their end and send me official documents from the bank. I can't leave complaint anywhere, can't talk to anyone, it's just so frustrating.
The only option left is to nudge them through the court. Has anyone done this before? Do you know who can assist in this case?
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