Limit COD payment option to 1 country

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We need the same! Can not believe that this cannot be done without Plus...

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Come on Shopify guys!

The COD option for specific county is an elementary feature, I cannot believe that until 2020 this has not been resolved!

Adding a note to the customer not to select COD, simply does not work, as a 30% of buyers would select COD ignoring the note and hoping that the seller will ship the items.

Please add this elementary feature.

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2021. Any solution yet? The COD option ONLY makes sense if it is for specific countries. Otherwise it's pointless. 

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I'm concerned too with this feature!

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This is strongly needed. We tried to put notes for international shoppers, but we keep getting a considerable number of international orders with COD, then you have to reach out to all of these customers and explain that this option only for domestic (normally their response, then why the *** you gave me this option!) then we end up changing the payment method manually to another option (if the sale happens) and Shopify will keep logging it as COD or cancel the order with an unsatisfied customer!


Shopify - Please check this, other e-commerce platforms are doing it and people are moving away because more flexibility found (we already started redundant shos from other suppliers in case we want to move out)

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Any response from Shopify? Come on guys, this function is essential!

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I guess shopify is not in the business of making life easy for there clients since they can't take care of this COD stuff being asked off them since 2014 and now we are in 2021.


why do they even have community since the No.1 concern/problem of there merchants has gone unattended to for more than 7 years. Is pathetic at best.


I simply solution can't be implemented by a huge company like shopify, makes me wonder what business purpose this is serving them.

We've seen this again and again.

Shopify only says "ohhh unfortunately we dont have that option...". You can only make somethings work if you pay a gazillion dollars for Shopify Plus and do a lot of custom work or pay for yet another app.

Even woo commerce has it for crying out loud.

They say "unfortunately we dont have that" like its not a big massive handicap for us customers. Like its almost a "oops sorry". When its kind of a huge deal!!

Its easy to see, we the customers, are not at the center of Shopify focus.


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Shopify  Any update on this? Is this feature being considered for development? Or it will just rot in this forum?

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Hi @pripradh @Andre_Borges @tech-offer @Harka @qammari @Alixir @Laurents 

If you use Shopify Checkout to collect Cash on Delivery orders it's not possible to limit the COD option to only one or a few countries.

If you use a separate order form only for Cash on Delivery it is actually possible! With our app QuickForm - COD Order Form you can create a separate order for Cash on Delivery orders, you can have the form appear on the cart page or product pages and you can offer a simpler and more intuitive purchasing experience for your COD customers.

We can then add a small piece of code to your theme to show the form only if a customer is from the country/countries you want so that only customers from that country are going to be able to place Cash on Delivery orders! We have already implemented this on a store in UAE that didn't want to offer Cash on Delivery for customers from Qatar and Saudi Arabia and it's working perfectly!

You can install the app for free from the Shopify App Store here: (you can also find a demo store on the App Store so that you can try the form)

When you install the app you can use the contact form on the app to contact me so that I can help you add the small piece of custom code to limit the form to only the countries you need!

Hope this helps!