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I understand Shopify is here for our money, but I am very surprised by how limited the shipping options are and can't pay 520$ a month just to have functions that should be basic. After all, they also make money when we make sales...


It can't calculate shipping by sizes or choose the right box, that's one thing. But having only ONE calculated shipping rate option in Canada is crazy. What if Canada Post go on strike again ! 


I can buy UPS labels, but clients only see Canada Post options at checkout. Shopify support confirmed to me tonight it's normal and to change to 520$ a month or 132$ a month plus 20$ add-on and a paid plugin on top of that. We all have to start somewhere... And I honestly think shipping is the most important part of ecommerce (as 97% of people shopping online confirm this is).


Do anyone has a viable solution to that except paying that much more monthly ?

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Hello @Script101 ,


I was quite surprised to learn that, from Canada, Shopify Shipping allows the printing of labels for both UPS and Canada Post but provides carrier-calculated rates only for Canada Post.


Since you have confirmed this with the Shopify team, you do not have any other choice than enabling your plan with the CCS option and using an app to offer carrier-calculated rates at checkout.

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This is another paid solution, so it may not be suitable, but you could try Starshipit. I know it's likely not ideal due to it being another subscription, but you are able to get a lot more control over your shipping. In fact, being able to integrate with multiple carriers (and therefore offer multiple products) is one of our main selling points. Just an idea and good luck!