Limiting Sales to US and Canada for Digital Products

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I have a store. I only sell digital products. I want to limit the sale of my digital products to the United States and Canada only. So I don't have to deal with international taxes.


What is the best way to do this? I've searched the forum and Google but can't seem to find the answer. I went through the shipping tutorials but since my products are digital products I don't have shipping checked. 


If I can get help with how to set this up I would appreciate it. 



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Hi Shelly,


I know there are apps that block visitors based on their country based on the IP address. You can search for them using this link.


Hopefully, this helps you!

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Hi @ShellyO,


Nick here from Shopify. 


To add more to what @Jason_Beacon said. There are some other apps in the Shopify app store that you could look into here. They are lock feature apps which can restrict certain countries from seeing certain products, pages and much more. For example in the Locksmith app description they mention this which you can see in the screenshot below:




You can see a link to Locksmith and some other popular lock feature apps below:


Hopefully, this helps and can do what you need it to. 


All the best, Nick

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Hi there!


If you want to sale your products only to US and Canada market, you could consider block customers visiting your website from the rest of the world, and only allow customers in the US and Canada visiting your websites. 


Geo Targetly solutions can help you achieve the goal. Its Geo Blocking tool can detect your website visitors' physical locations(like country) and auto direct visitors from certain regions to another URL, for example, Thus, it can block customers outside of your markets visiting your entire website and prevent unwanted sales. The tool is easily set within a few steps. No code is necessary by yourself. Shopify platform is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps! 

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I found this post helpful:

I used a similar work around:
1. Enable shipping
2. Settings > Shipping and Delivery
3. Manage rates
4. Create shipping zone & select countries in your shipping zone, ie. United States
5. Delete all default rates with a cost
6. Add rate
a. Custom flat rate (no shipping time)
b. Input rate name
c. Input rate = $0.00
d. Based on order price: minimum price = below your digital product price AND maximum price = no limit

I agree that it is not ideal to enable shipping on digital products, but at minimum there is a work around. Hope this helps..

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Hey @ShellyO,


I have seen your query, I can suggest one extension that perfectly fits your store. The extension is Limit Sales Per Day


The features of this app are as below: 

  • Set limitation of per day sales smoothly
  • Quickly search products to set purchase limit
  • Limit order quantity day wise 
  • Automatically integrate limit sales per day

It has all the features that you have mentioned in your query. Please, check it out here for more details: Limit Sales Per Day


Hope this helps you. 


Thank you.