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Hello community,


When a customer orders, he is sent a invoice with the info, etc. Now I need that when that order is placed, some PDF is sent to me maybe somewhere in the back-end or through e-mail, that isn't really important, just so I can get it. The important part is that I am sent a PDF with papers categorized by vendor (not the invoice, but a separate file). If there are two vendors (or items that are from the two vendors that customer ordered) then in the PDF there will be two papers, each for one vendor and on that paper all the items he ordered from the given vendor. It should contain all the information about the item, but just that it is categorized on each of the papers by the vendor. Also it would be nice if it displayed ID of the order, name of the customer, his e-mail and date of the order. I will also mention that the PDF is just for me, not the customer.


I haven't been able to find any clue to my problem.


Thank you for any response!


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