Local delivery and “This address couldn’t be verified" for a Store in Chile

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Since Shopify activated the Local Delivery function, I am trying with no success to activate it because the location of my default, main and only store “couldn't be verified” by Shopify. The long error says “Your location address couldn't be verified. Use postal codes to set your delivery area, or review your address”

To set the local delivery option (setting a delivery area using a radius) your store address needs to be verified. I know it is possible to use postal codes to determine how far you will travel to deliver orders, but in my country nobody uses postal codes and nobody knows their own, so it is not a feasible workaround for us.

I have been struggling with this problem for months, calling and chatting with support, trying with different syntax, etc, with no answers or solutions to date. At the end Shopify excuses itself saying that it is a Google problem. But this happens not with a particular address in my country, but with any address. Even though GoogleMaps recognizes the address, locates it in the right spot, and even suggests it as you type, Shopify still displays that annoying message.

Moreover it’s obvious that Shopify locates us in the zero zone (Lat/Lon 0,0), because in the live view, my store appears there, in the middle of nowhere.

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Please Shopify, either you create a cheaper “second category countries” service, or you give us all the features, because now we are paying the same as your top-priority countries for half of the benefits. Please take your not-US-and-Canada customers seriously.

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This kind of error still persist since early times and no solution was provided. With the increase of ecommerce in our region, there should be some kind of attention to us, as we pay the same money that other countries / regions, but we receive less service and/or attention. It´s not fair. As Shopify grew from merchants like us, and put Shopify were is at today, we deserve the same service for the same money. If not, there should be a money compensation as not all features works for us. Hope this thread grows and more and more merchants like us sign this petition, that is no nothing more than claim for the same service for everyone.

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I am facing the same issue with Oman market. And Shopify is clear. They will not change their algorithm come whatever. What works in the US or Western markets WILL HAVE to work for rest of the world. Like in Chile, no one has a clue of the postal code of the place they live. How can I possibly ask for a code which is non-exisitent for a customer.

My request to Shopify was simple. Include the 11 Governorates and 61 provinces for Oman. And thats it. Customer can choose these 2 during account creation and order placement. But No, they will not do. What happens is my shipping rates are going for a spin. 

Why do they have  to be so rigid. Small and medium shops like ours who are paying 29$ a month deserve better. We are like non-existent for the Shopify. Then why promote themselves in these markets when they cant customize for the particular markets. Only questions remain while we run pillar to post figuring out how to make Chile and Oman similar to US atleast on the logistics. 

Feeling so helpless. Is churning out from Shopify the only option. I need to start evaluating my options today. 

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