Local Delivery - Didn’t Work

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I was able to make available the new, “Local Delivery” option for my local customers but it did not work.

I added in only 2 zip codes that I am able to deliver to and someone in New Jersey was able to select the “local delivery” option.

I am wondering why they were able to see/select the local delivery option as their zip code was not saved as a local delivery zip code that I am willing to deliver to (this is another state, and is not local to me).

I have currently shut off the option for local delivery as it is clearly not working on my end.

Looking forward to some help here.

Thank you kindly,
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Im currently setting up a business and intend on using 'Local delivery' as my only shipping option as I want to deliver everything in person.


I wonder whether you found out about the postcode issue? As I definitely don't want to be taking orders that aren't on my post code list.



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Seems quite a few people including myself are struggling with this. I hope we get a an answer soon. No shipping, no pickup, local delivery based on zip code only. As you grow can expand the zip codes. This would be great. Also the ability to utilize the Shopify Local Delivery app to plan these deliveries. Seems the intelligence is there just need a way to disable local pickup and shipping in the setting area.  

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Has this been resolved? What was the work-around?

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This is still an issue. I have tried specifying zip codes and setting delivery radius, and neither option is working to restrict this option. It’s not a good look to go after customers to ask for shipping fees.


if you are going to put the option there, it needs to work.

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I have set up free local delivery in a 3 mile radius.  It randomly works, or doesn't.  I have customers 1 mile away who do not get free delivery and customers who are 4 mils away that do.  It is really annoying.  Mad that a paid for product has no ACTUAL help or support.  Take out money and leave you hanging!
It is nothing to do with express checkout or how they pay.  If anyone has any info,  I would be grateful.

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The local delivery option for me is now working. I set it up so that I deliver to a specific radius, it has been working and haven't seen any issues as of late.

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@alexisdascoli  Hi! I've set up local delivery via zip code how ever I want it to be delivered by city but the thing is local delivery only allows 5 delivery area, Is there a way where in I can add more delivery area?