Local Delivery Not Working Correctly

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Hey guys,

I have set up local delivery for my store and have entered a certain amount of post codes that i will deliver to, however, if i enter a postcode not stated, it still shows the local delivery option. Can anyone help me out please, thank you.

The local delivery option seems to work sometimes but not always.

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Hi @cfm200,
 If you want to offer local delivery 
only for certain products, the possible workaround is categorizing the products into their own location or shipping profile.
The motto is to make the products be available only for local delivery options.

An alternative way to achieve this is,

By creating a “local delivery” shipping rate.
- You can do this by creating a custom shipping rate within your existing shipping profile, with your choice to charge a flat rate or offer free “shipping” for local delivery.
- The reason behind merchants will sometimes run into this option is that customers may (intentionally or not) select the incorrect (and more affordable) shipping rate at checkout to place their order.
- This allows the customers to choose one shipping rate among multiple options.

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