Local Pickup not working. Your order isn't available for pickup. Tried everything feeling deflated..

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Hi guys I have been running into this problem a few times now. 

Local Pickup on my website isn't working. I only have 1 location. Inventory is enabled. Local Shipping is enabled. Any other ideas guys I´m deflated. 

Your order isn't available for pickup. Enter a shipping address. Please see the screenshot below. 



Shipping Settings Page: 



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Hi James, 

That might be because probably one of these options:

  • you set up the local pickup to only be available for some postal codes and where you are trying is not in one of these
  • the product with you are testing the local pickup does not have inventory available in the local pickup point.

You can check these things and you tell me if you have fixed it, otherwise provide more info and I can try to solve it!