Local Pickup Only charge local taxes and have no shipping option

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This HAS NOT been answered yet. 

Here is the problem -

  • We only sell items for pickup in our physical store
  • We are in one state and within a few minutes of two other states
  • We are required by law to charge local (MD) taxes to all customers who pickup in our store (that's all of our Shopify customers)
  • Local Pickup in Shopify requires shipping zone and rates to be set up. 
  • There is no option to shut off shipping on a product, because marking a product as non-physical: Removes the shipping options, which removes the mechanism that determines whether taxes will be collected. 
    • In other words - if we mark a product as a physical product, the shipping options kick in and local pickup works as it's supposed to work.
    • BUT it also turns on a 'SHIP' option that confuses customers and enables customers to proceed and NOT pay the sales tax!!  

We need to know:

  1. How to remove the Ship button from the cart page
  2. How to remove the shipping fields and language from the checkout process. 

Thanks to any guru who can figure out how to do this!  


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Shopify support told us how to ensure those who pickup in our store are charged tax in our store, but their solution requires a shipping option to be turned on. This means our customers see shipping address fields, a 'SHIP' radio button choice, and other VERY clunky user interface issues. 

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