Local Pickup orders not showing billing address

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Hi There,


We recently had an issue with our local pick up orders where Customer details are not being recorded, such as name or billing address. We have the name as a required field on checkout and we use these details for verifying the customer for picking up the parcel.


We have noticed that it's happening for paypal express orders and not sure if there was a recent update or privacy policy change that's making this happen.


Below is a screenshot of the customer detail captured, blacked out the email.


Missing customer details.png

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We are seeing the same issue as well with local pickup. Currently in contact with Shopify support but no resolution yet. Please update here if anyone gets this problem fixed.

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Same problem here. Did you already find a solution?

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This was part of the response I got from Shopify support:

"It looks like this may be due to some changes we've made to our checkout system and is expected behaviour for pickup as the billing address section is now removed when selecting Paypal (which would collect that information within the checkout)."


Representative said they would pass this "problem" to their developers but no guarantee when or if things would be rolled back. Strangely though, I haven't run into this problem for the past week now, so it's possible things have already been fixed.

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Spoke too soon. This is still happening.

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We're experiencing the same issue. As a result, printed packing slips display no customer information. 🤔

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Our store offers pick up in store as well, and this change in the checkout system for pickup orders paid with PayPal is extremely problematic.  We contacted Shopify Support, and they suggested we install one of the Store Pickup apps or hire an expert.  We installed one of the apps and had nothing but problems and inconsistent results, despite them trying to fix it to work for us.  The final straw was that we wouldn't be able to offer local pickup on the SHOP app by using the Store Pickup app.  So not good integration; we removed the Store Pickup app.


We are now back to the same issue:  If a customer pays with PayPal, there is no information for them (name, address, phone number) on the Shopify system except for their email address, unless they have an account with our store or have shopped with us before.  


The billing address and phone number when a customer fills out as a PayPal guest does not get imported, it defaults to our store address - as if it is trying to keep the buyers information private.  But geez, if we need to give them a call, we have a problem as we don't have a phone number! No way to contact them except by email, which if they didn't type that right or they use an email they rarely access, we'll never be able to get ahold of them.


If they paid via their PayPal account, we do have the option of logging in to PayPal itself to see if they have any information on the customer.  But we've actually had people set up their PayPal account without a proper name and address. And, again, there is no phone number.

If a customer pays with a credit card directly for a pickup order, Shopify still requires a billing address and phone number and at least doesn't change it to be the store address and no phone number. But again, there is no requirement for a customer name.  

How does this all affect us?  Well, we may have no phone number to call the customer.  We may have no name or address printed on the packing slip.  If a customer calls us to discuss the order, they always start by telling us their name.  But we don't have it on the system, so they have to give us an email address or order number.  If they come into the store to pickup their order, they will have to tell us the order number as we won't be able to search for it by their name - and few know their order number.

I can't understand why this has checkout change has been implemented for PayPal orders and is now thought to be "expected behaviour".  Particularly when it worked perfectly fine before.  

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We have the same problem. However, only since 2 weeks. The contact with the support revealed that we should contact PayPal ourselves. Apparently, however, several have the problem. Do you know if there is a configuration or something like that with PayPal that needs to be considered? Otherwise, it bugs me that Shopify doesn't address this issue when it does affect several....

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I hear your frustration.  But sorry, no, I don't believe there is anything we can do about PayPal to get this information. 


If a person checks out as a PayPal guest, the information they provide does not import in.  


If a person checks out on their PayPal account, then what the customer has there is what imports and there is no phone number.  Many people's PayPal accounts have no proper name or address.  


Shopify does not seem to care if this is the situation.  I don't know why they took away the requirement on their own platform to provide this information of the customer.  My guess (only a guess) is that they believe the speed of checkout by using an integrated payment system is more important that obtaining proper customer information that is needed by the store.  


It is indeed disturbing that Shopify doesn't address it or even own up to it and give us the reason why they did it.  

I ended up contacting another app developer we use just for their input on the situation.  They confirmed that this is a global issue for which there is no fix.  (Don't know why it took so long to affect you.)  They suggested that we put a comment in our automated Pickup instructions under settings, shipping and delivery, local pickup.  I took their advice and added to the notification: "Note, if you paid with PayPal Express, we may not have your name or phone number associated with the order and will, therefore, require the order number."


I also put wording in the Order Confirmation email:
"Did you pay using PayPal? When you place a Pick-Up order and pay with PayPal, the Shopify cart system might not capture your name, home address, or phone number, leaving us with the only way to contact you is via email. Therefore, please watch your emails as we may need to discuss the order, and we have no other way to get ahold of you. Sad, but true. We are hoping Shopify will rectify this problem as it is affecting all Shopify merchants. If you want to ensure we have a phone number for you, just reply to this email with your phone number."

Lo and behold, some customers actually read this and email me with their phone number.  Small victories that I guess we have to settle for as there is no help from Shopify on this matter.

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My client recently started having the same problem with their store with PayPal payments. Following this thread in case there's any movement. 

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We are also having this problem does anyone know if there is a fix for this 

Kind regards


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Hello everyone,


We discover that we are also impacted and this with Shopify Shipping (Colissimo / Mondial Relay in France) and Paypal Express (the problem therefore arises on several fully integrated Shopify services and this is regrettable),


Have you received any news on this subject?

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Haven't heard a thing.