Local Shipping Rates - Calculating Weight and Boxes - Is it even possible?

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I'm really confused at how to calculate this shipping rate at checkout. I've installed countless apps, tried configuring local settings, but nothing seems to work. It all seems so restrictive in terms of options. These are some details about my store:

Store: Local Shipping
Avg order: 10-1000 items (qty)
Weight: 1 item = 1kg
Boxes: 1 box = 10 items= 10 kg.

I'm absolutely stalled on this and can't figure out how to set this up without courier shipping rate calculations.

Any ideas, tips, article suggestions... anything would be super appreciated.

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there are many options to fix this issue.

1 talk to your local shipping company about how much they charge.

2 you can add shipping price in product and do free delivery.

3 if you still confused let me handle this issue and contact me I will do it for you.