Locked out of account need help to fulfill orders

Locked out of account need help to fulfill orders

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Hi, on june 8th my main shopify account had a suspicious refund initiated for a point of sale order. When i brought this up to shopify support, they suddenly and immediately locked all access to my account.


Point of sale, online sales, and admin terminals are inaccessible. For the past 2 days we have not had access to inventory or payment capture. We cant update or change our website so we are still receiving orders but cannot capture payment and ship them. This was sudden and unforseen. Almost a full decade of regular hard work building inventory on this platform and a livelihood for our shop is terminated. We are in the middle of our busiest season and are in open waters with no life raft.


I have repeatedly reached out to customer service chat and all i am told is that “someone from security will email me” but its been 2 days without ability to conduct business and no one has emailed me. No one has provided a time frame for restitution.


I am desperate as a small independent business operator to be able to function again as our clients and our company are being completely screwed in this process we are unequipped to handle due to its suddenness.


Can someone from Shopify please find a resolution so we can sell again today??? we have been dedicated clients of the platform, have the highest paid account, have contributed freely to advertising initiatives by Shopify, so the way we are being left here without a lifeline is brutal. 

Please, I’m asking for help. 

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