Look for China Warehouse storing my items

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Looking for a warehouse fulfillment center based in China.


I require not more than 1 m3 storage, for 10-100 different items that can connect + sync stock with Shopify and automatic adjust price based on customer order + location for shipping.


I do not look for dropshipping, as that takes more days because all my taobao/tmall/1688 suppliers have to send warehouse first taking 1-5 days. 

I prefer to just have it stored long time and pay storage fee per month. Howmany $/mo or ¥/mo for storage fees of max 1 m3?


Looking for recommendations 🙏🏼

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We can store your product in China. We are located in Guangzhou China.  You can intergrate our system to your shopify store. Once have new orders, we can catch them automatically.  Check here