Re: Looking for calculated FedEx and USPS rates which does not require Advanced/$299 month plan

Looking for calculated FedEx and USPS rates which does not require Advanced/$299 month plan

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The only option I am finding for calculated FedEx and USPS rates requires that I use a plugin which then requires a toggle which in turn requires me to upgrade to the $299/month advanced plan.
My developer has been in contact with support to find a solution and so far they have none. I have been using WordPress for years and I was paying $20/month for a plugin that worked great for calculating many different package sizes shipping worldwide. So, I am dumbfounded that there is not a similar solution with Shopify as many business such as mine ship many different sized products worldwide, so shipping based just on weight or flat rate shipping will not work. Does anyone out there have a solution as paying $3588 a year just to have calculated shipping is a nonstarter.

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I don't think you will need to pay that much.  For calculated rates your store needs to have the third-party calculated shipping rate feature activated. For the 'Shopify' plan, this feature can be enabled for an additional USD $20 per month. Opting for annual billing also saves you 10% on your Shopify plan. The 'Advanced' plan and higher already have this feature enabled. For 'Lite' or 'Basic' plan users, this feature isn't available as an add-on, and an upgrade to the 'Shopify' plan is necessary. See here for more info:  Shopify Help Center | Third-party carrier-calculated rates

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That is not correct as the Shopify Plan does not allow 3rd-party calculated rates, only Advanced/$299/month and Plus $2300/month allow 3rd-party calculated rates. It is funny as I have a similar thread and a Shopify staff member recommended the same nonexistent solution. Maybe 3rd party calculated rates were at one time on a plan below Advanced, but not after 3 days of trying to figure it out, I am 100% certain that once would have to pay $299/month to just get a calculated rate plugin installed. Compared to WordPress where many plugins are available at $20/month, this is a joke. Am going to see how it works with only entering the weight and no dims which will mostly be ok in the US, but I imagine that the rates shipping overseas will be way low. It is a total joke and not at all competitive with WordPress, Wix etc. as there is no way I will pay $299/month vs. $20/month for a simple shipping calculator plugin and it may be a dealbreaker for me and may have to switch back to WordPress. I would have never developed a new Shopify site had I known this but now that it is done, I will just go with it with incorrect shipping rates and hope that Shopify eventually fixes this issue as their greed will not work in the long run as many like myself will not be willing to pay exceptionally more for the same service that others are offering.

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You can contact a Shopify agent through the support chat and have them add the third party calculated rates to your account. You must be under the Shopify plan - If you pay for your plan annually, adding the third party rates is free. If you pay for your plan monthly, adding the rates is $20 per month. We just did this yesterday with several of our stores.