Looking to route orders to locations based on products ordered.

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A quick overview:


We run a manufacturing facility/warehouse, and 4 retail locations in Colorado, and an office/warehouse in Ohio.


Currently all online and wholesale orders are shipped from the Colorado Warehouse. If someone orders online or via a sales rep from Ohio, we manually send those orders, and manually create shipping labels, so our sole employee in Ohio can ship them, or in some cases manually deliver them. Occasionally our main store gets a phone order, if so they just fill it and ship it from there.


Currently our website only sells products that are in the warehouse, it does not include the specifics of the retail stores full inventory.


We use shipstation to ship.


In shopify, we have each location running shopify POS and having its own inventory per store and the warehouse and even ohio office have their own inventory in shopify backend.


What I would like to do is slowly add products we sell in our main retail store to the website, but I dont want to purchase extra and keep it at the warehouse. So i would like customers to order, and IF the order contains an accessory or item thats only in the main retail store, that the order go to them in some sort of automatic fashion, ideally via shipstation.


The retail store carries everything thats in the warehouse, but the warehouse doesnt carry everything in the store, which is why we are currently limited.


so if a customer orders base product #1 which is in the warehouse, cool warehouse gets the order. If they order base product #1 and #7(only a retail item) the whole order comes to the retail store to ship.


is this possible?

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Hi @GoBengals! Duoplane will be able to do exactly that.

1. Duoplane is an order-routing app. So whenever an order comes into your Shopify store, it will get routed to who is meant to fulfill each line item. In your case, a rule can be created to minimize the number of shipments and use the appropriate "fulfillment center/retail location" based on your rules.
2. Inside Duoplane, each retail location or fulfillment facility would be considered individual "vendors" and if a product has multiple "vendors" fulfilling them (like in your case), they will all be tied to that specific product. So when an order is made, based on the rules you've set up, the orders will automatically get sent to the correct "vendor" to fulfill. Rules can be customized to your preferences; whether you want to reduce the number of packages being sent or use the warehouse nearest your customer, it can be done in Duoplane.

3. In addition to the above, Duoplane has other features such as inventory syncing, shipment feed, and analytics. Order routing is ultimately the main functionality, but you might find the app solves more problems than you anticipated!


Best of all, the customer support is excellent, and you can get a free trial before making any commitment. Do your research to see what best suits your needs. Don't just take my word for it - check out Duoplane on the Shopify app store and read the reviews.