Losing sales- Message at checkout about not shipping to country but I do!

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Hi everyone. Some of my customers are experiencing an issue where it comes up with a message saying my store doesn’t ship to their country- even though I’ve had orders from those countries go through fine on the same day (and I do ship worldwide!) 

From what I can gather, it’s a glitch with shop pay when the address is auto filled, so I can advise that when a customer gets in contact and it sometimes helps or switching the browser. But I’m concerned not every customer will do that, and some might just assume I don’t ship there! Also had it for the first time show for a UK address where I’m based. It’s getting really frustrating. Anyone have any solutions or experience with this please?

attached image as one example but this has happened multiple times from various addresses around the world - I’m definitely losing sales over this. 

Thanks in advance!

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