Re: Making Billing Phone Numbers Required A Checkout

Making Billing Phone Numbers Required A Checkout

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I would really like the Phone Number in Billing section be mandatory, but I cannot work out how to make this happen. Our customers are sending flowers to other people, but when there is any issues there is no way for us to contact the sender, just the receiver ... which is not very helpful!

Is there a way to make it Mandatory?

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Hello @joya3313!
In order to set the phone number to be required at checkout, you need to take the following steps:

  • In your admin, go to Settings > Checkout
  • There, scroll down to Customer information
  • The very last option there is Shipping address phone number, which you can set to Required
  • Once you have done this, make sure to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click the Save button.

I understand that flowers can be a tricky business especially since it is such a time sensitive purchase, but looks like you're taking all the right steps to ensure smooth running!
I thought it might be helpful for you to take a look at this Shopify Blog article here on some other tips around efficiency from a fellow flower merchant on Shopify.

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This does not make the BILLING PHONE number mandatory, just the shipping/delivery.
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I'm also a florist and find this incredibly annoying! So many customers are confused by how shopify operates


Ive had to change my store language file so the "SHIPPING ADDRESS" and "PHONE NUMBER" are now called "DELIVERY ADDRESS" and "RECIPIENTS PHONE NUMBER" 


but - as above I still cant find a way to add a phone number to the billing section which is ALWAYS different to the delivery/shipping details 

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Same issue here. 
We changed the wording for the optional phone placeholder (which was set to  'Phone (optional)', to "Phone (Required)", even though we are unable to make it a required field.


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I will try this as well...

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Also a florist. The above solution does not make the phone number required. It still has the placeholder "OPTIONAL". Our sales are mostly gifts and if there is an issue we don't want to call the recipient and ruin the surprise. Please ask the developement team to add the option to make the Billing Phone Number "REQUIRED" Thank you!

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1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to Checkout.

3. Go to Customize Sign Up Labels in "Marketing Options".

4. Go to Checkout & System.

5. Under "Checkout & System" find out the heading "Checkout Contact".

6. Under this heading scroll down and find "Optional phone label".

7. Under this column remove "Optional" and write "Mandatory". 

8. Change "Phone Tooltip" also and save that's it......


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I tried your method but I can't find the "Checkout Contact" nor any "Phone" field...


Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!