Making Sense of Shipping Rates (Domestic & Internationally)

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Just when I think I have an understanding of Shipping Rates, there's always a curve call that manages to get me. 

Let's face it, the shipping rates process is just ridiculous. Switched to Shopify for a reason, thinking it was going to be easier than what we are having to deal with and would help streamline things for our organization. The complete opposite it feels at time because something has changed or needing and app for this or that. The basic functionality is starting to disappear which is defeating the whole of Shopify.


Long story short, will be having individuals managing orders for our nonprofit organization and need to make things easy as possible - "Clear as Mud". Need to make sure that shipping is being calculated correctly for each, whether it's one or multiple items and/or domestica /international delivery. Like so many on here, I have read just about all the posts on Shipping Rates to the point I've come full circle and blurs all together. Things started out great, was able to get basic domestic shipping configured, but the way Shopify has things setup where only uses on size package for the basis of it's Shipping calculation, it all came to a halt (sorta). 


I have tried 3rd party apps, but they aren't always clear on requirements or actual functionality which is nothing more  than a interface that brings all your shipping services together, that's if you have service established. So the cycle repeats and end up wasting on another app. 


So if anyone came help recommended/suggest how best to handle my situation regarding shipping rates I greatly appreciate it.






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