Managing and grouping non-sale inventory items (i.e. shipping materials)

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Hi all,


We're a manufacturer with multiple fulfillment centers, each fulfillment center ships different products, and each different product requires different packaging materials for shipping (non-sale items). 



FulfillmentCenter1 ships Product1 (listed as a Product in Shopify Inventory) and this product requires shipping inside custom-made BOX1 + IcePacks + MarketingBrochure (these are non-sale items, but I'd like to account for them because they come in different quantities than Product1).


What is the best way to go about managing and grouping the non-sale items on Shopify, and how do I list them in inventory?


Thanks for all of the help in advance!

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Hey @Dripdash ,


One way to do this is to sync your inventory+order data with Airtable; then use different formula columns to keep track of related inventory for each order. If you decide to go this way take a look at our Shopify and Airtable integration