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I have my shopify store ( using the Boundless theme. I recently added shipping to other countries in Europe (we only had a single shipping country - Portugal), and now the dropdown has a few countries on top highlighted and then the full list of supported countries:




How can we configure the "top" list (the 3 countries) ? Can't see any setting regarding that list.

a. is it possible to just show the full list without the highlights?

b. can I manually pick the highlighted countries?

c. how is the list curated?

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Hey, @pedrorijo91. Great question!


The countries that show first in your checkout dropdown are determined in a few ways:


  1. If an address has already been entered, then the country associated with it will appear first
  2. If the customer has been Geolocated based on the customer's IP address, then their country will be prioritized
  3. If neither of the above has occurred, then it defaults to the most popular countries. The most popular countries are determined by the count of all addresses entered on your store. This includes customer accounts, draft orders, and shipping and billing addresses
  4. If the shop is new, so no orders have been received yet, then the dropdown priority defaults to alphabetical order


That being said, to be able to edit this behaviour requires customizing the checkout. At this time, checkout.liquid is only accessible to edit on the Plus plan, so if you are a Plus merchant your own developer, or a Shopify Expert can assist with this.


If you are not on the Plus plan I understand why being able to edit it is important to you. So what I can do is pass along your feedback to our developers and let them know that being able to customize the default countries in the checkout dropdown would be beneficial. I can’t guarantee if or when this change would be implemented, but I do recommend keeping an eye on the Shopify Changelog; All recent updates to the platform are reported there.


Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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hello Helen

as you mentioned of below

The countries that show first in your checkout dropdown……,


the countries list maximum is 5, right?