Managing inventory when selling products as a set or singles

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Hi there

So I have new products to add to my store - they are rash vests and shorts. They can either be purchased as a set or separately. Buying as a set will make them slightly cheaper.

I began adding a variant for the rash vest (1) and the shorts (2) but also want a variant which is the set (3). If I dis though I will be duplicating my inventory. Is there a way to link sets so you only have one set of inventory for each product but a different price if purchased together?

Many thanks


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Hi Alli,

I also struggled to find a way to sell sets/bundles within Shopify's basic framework.  It is possible to create a set/bundle where your customers can select a variant of your vest and a variant of your shorts.  The problem is that, like you stated, your inventory will not be accurately updated when a set/bundle is sold, because Shopify sees the set/bundle as a unique item instead of a combination of two individual items.

There are some paid apps available that claim to be able to sell your sets/bundles while accurately tracking your inventory.  Disclaimer: I haven't used any of these apps so I cannot speak to their quality, accuracy, flexibility, etc.  There may be similar apps out there, too.

Bundles app

Product Bundles app

For my store, I ended up creating my set/bundle without an app and I manually adjust my inventory quantities after the sale.  I don't really like this workaround, but I decided that it wasn't worth it for me to pay a monthly fee.

I hope you are able to find a solution that you can be happy with.



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Thanks Rob

Thanks for alerting me to the Bundles Apps, but like you said they do cost $$ and I am a very small start up so every cent counts. I am wondering about offering a discount at checkout but will need to search the apps for this too...


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Hi Rob,


Can you walk me through how you managed to put up a set without any app? Did you add multiple products as one? Is that possible? In that case, will the site accept multiple SKUs? Or do I have to know coding to do it?