Manual payment methods not available in non-default currency

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Hello there

I noticed that manual payment methods are not available on checkout unless the store's default currency is used. 

For example, when you sell in CZK by default but have markets enabled for other countries which use EUR, you can only use Bank Transfer (or other manual payment methods) when CZK is used. 

Is there a way to extend manual payment methods for other currencies?

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We're having the same issue - I'm pretty sure that manual payment methods used to appear when a non-default currency was selected.


I suspect the rationale behind why it doesn't appear is because the admin section of the Shopify store reports/displays everything in a single consistent currency (Shopify Payments and PayPal captured in local currency are converted back to default currency before appearing in the dashboard) - but that wouldn't be the case with a Manual Payment method.


I workaround would be for the basket/checkout to change back to the base store currency upon a customer selecting a manual payment method.... is there a way to force this to happen perhaps?

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I'm having the same issue with one of my stores. Unbelievable that such a basic feature is still missing in Shopify in 2023. Especially since Shopify wants their merchants to use Shopify Markets so badly.


I have still not found any workaround or ETA for the feature, Shopify support just keeps saying that they will pass the request onto their dev team.