Marking a pickup order as part collected

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Hi all,

We need 'store pickup' orders to have the ability for us to mark them as part collected, as a number of items during our peak season go on back order for customers and often they want what is in stock straight away.


I realise this is unusual for most online reatil as often it's 'out of stock, please re-order', however our business - school uniform - requires that customers can place orders during peak for logo'd/bespoke uniform and pick up their order in multiple collections depending on supplier drops or availability. It we don't have back orders we lose all of those sales, (Quite a few).

I can't find anything within Shopify to mark an order as part collected, it's either collected or not.


There may be something in the tagging of orders as part collected but that would mean filtering out the tags after collection and deleting all the 'part collected'tags.


To put into perspective we processed over 10,000 pickup orders last summer.


All ideas/feedback greatly appreciated 🙂


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