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Marking an order fulfilled / 3rd party fulfillment without request sent

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I am trying to figure out the best solution to a scenario. For this particular store, all products are drop-shipped from a custom fulfillment service. However, some stock is purchased for inventory at a physical location, and the orders are being fulfilled at that time by selling the product in person. This does not happen enough to warrant a POS system.

What I am trying to accomplish is to skip sending the fulfillment request to the 3rd party as that creates confusion and requires additional communication to make sure it isn't fulfilled on their end, but still mark the order as fulfilled.


Currently all products are set to sell even when inventory is zero, since inventory isn't stocked since the products are custom built by the 3rd party. These in-person sales are basically to select people only, so we don't want to have an inventory allocation in the system that would be deducted from the store location vs being sent to 3rd party fulfillment. 

The desired outcome is 2 fold:

1. Use shopfiy to charge for the product

2. Have a record of the customer's purchases in the same system.

Suggestions on how to best accomplish this?


Thank you!

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