Media Mail

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I sell a journal in my store. Media Mail is an option for $3.45 and most people choose that. Earlier in the year it was about 1 week delivery but now it's two weeks+. At first the delivery dates says about 7 days out (that's fine) but then the tracking just stops and says "in transit, arriving late" with no date. Two weeks+ for delivery is terrible. The problem is, Priority Mail is $11.65 - that's a big jump from $3.45. Since it's a book it can't be sent First Class Mail. UPS ground is about the same price ($11+) and the one time I sent using UPS it took forever. Anyone experience this and what are doing instead? I do keep in touch with the customer but it's very concerning that there is not a new delivery date. I don't have much margin myself to pay for shipping. This is killing my store!

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