Meta for Business setting deadline for enabling checkout?

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I belong to a trade organization of vintage fashion sellers. Several colleagues who have linked shops on Facebook and Instagram received an email today from Meta for Business stating: "beginning Apr 24, 2024, we will only continue supporting Facebook and Instagram Shops with checkout enabled.....

What this means for you:

  • In order to maintain your shop on Facebook and Instagram after Apr 24, 2024, please follow the guidance to (linked) enable checkout on Facebook and Instagram. If you are using a third party platform to manage orders on your website, you may need to (linked) fulfill and manage your orders in Commerce Manager.
  • If checkout is not enabled before Apr 24, 2024, your shop will become inactive and product tagging will become unavailable, and remain so until you enable checkout."

I did not get that email. Yet. I do use Shopify Checkout. Will I have to sign up for Meta's checkout? Or will Shopify's interface continue to work with Facebook and Instagram?

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