Minimum Volume Pre Orders for Discounted New Products

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I'm very new to Shopify and am exploring its bounds.


Re "Pre-Orders", is there an option to require "x" (eg, 1000) Pre-Orders for a new product to be pre-ordered by "y" different customers at some discount price and with a deliver period of 12 weeks for example? 


A condition for the product developer accepting orders from the "y" customers is that the "x" minimum total order quantity being met or exceeded. The "y" customers are required to commit to their pre-orders once the minimum (published) total order threshold "x" is met or exceeded. 


Pre-orders may be cancelled by customers if the products don't arrive within some guaranteed maximum delivery period or if the products differ substantially from the product specification as published at the time of ordering.

There are two reasons that this feature (if permitted and available) would be useful for developers of new products:

1)  It "tests the market".  If there are "x" outstanding "pre-orders" and "y" customers, then this is a reasonable indication that there is a market for the new product as specified by the product developer;

2) Whilst the product developer must fund the product development and marketing, ready for final product delivery to the "y" customers, the development risk is substantially reduced by knowing that most if not all of the development and marketing costs may be covered by the first "x" orders. 


The benefits for the "y" customers is first access to a new product at a discounted price (off the target RRP). 

If the product is not delivered by the target due date, further discounts may be offered to prevent the pre-orders being cancelled. Greater discounts may also be offered from the outset to customers willing to accept a longer delivery period (eg, 16 weeks).

At no time do the "y" customers pay money and not receive the products as specified. This risk is still on the product developer to absorb. 

Does this Pre-Order service already exist on Shopify and if not, is there any Shopify policy preventing its existence? Is there an App that already exists that supports this new product pre-ordering feature or is there an App that could be easily modified to support this feature?


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Also interested in this, even if it requires an app.