Missing Funds After PayPal Review

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I am an independent perfumer, and relatively new to Shopify, having graduated my brand to my full-time career. Tech is not my strong suit. 


I recently had two releases this month, both sold out within an hour, things went great. Then, PayPal froze my business account for review (I won't get into that, but it should be criminal what they get away with). Submitted all the verification, account finally unlocked, and my PayPal balance is showing about $2k less than what I've made. The corresponding sales are not shown there, either. 


So, here's where I'm hoping this is a real novice question... PayPal is the only account I have linked so far (haven't linked my bank yet). Are my funds in PayPal only from orders paid via PayPal, and I just have an extra two grand hiding somewhere in Shopify, that I'll get when I link my bank? I've dug and dug, and I simply cannot locate this two thousand dollars that's unaccounted for. PayPal shows no sign of it, my Shopify dash clearly indicates what I should  have, but I can't find or access it. 


I'm hoping it's just a matter of my technological ineptitude overlooking some simple explanation, and not $2k that went missing while my PayPal account was suspended for review.


Any insight here would be immensely appreciated. 




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