Missing Payout and no confirmation email

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Hi, I just started using Shopify and I'm still struggling to get my bank account without failure. What I mean by that is that I first added a bank account and the payout failed twice. Each time, I received emails to tell me this information.

I decided to try another bank account after these 2 fails thinking that maybe my bank doesn't support US (even if it's a US account that I opened just for this). The payout was suppose to be on Oct, 29th and actually it never happened. And I never received a email telling me it had failed neither. Now, when I go in my Shopify payouts page, I don't have any failed payout and not even a successful payout. The balance is at 0 and the money is not in my bank account, where did it go?

Can someone help me out with this? I thought I could contact Shopify directly but it always brings me back here. 

Thank you.

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