Modify error message "We don’t offer shipping to Switzerland." is misleading.

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Hi all,

I'm setting up a store that makes local delivery only in Geneva, I've made the zip code zones, everything is fine but the error message.

When a postal code is outside our delivery zone, user gets this misleading error, it should be "We only offer shipping to Geneva"


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Hi @Corbi ,

There is a way you can customize the message. To do this, go to your Themes settings and edit languages. The default message is found in the Checkout & system tab. We have a guide on our app's help center that can walk you through this process. Since it only refers to Shopify settings, you don't need to use our app to follow the guide.

Please note: this is the general default message that appears whenever a shipping method is not available at checkout. So it triggers under any circumstances that result in a shipping method not being available at checkout.

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