Move orders between fulfilment partners connected via shopify app.

Move orders between fulfilment partners connected via shopify app.

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We are in need of an fulfilment rule based system where we can move the orders between two fulfilment partners based on the location of the delivery. The two shipping partners are both connected using their individual apps to shopify. We have tried various rule based apps and the native shopify fulfilment rules, however in both cases the orders are synced to both partners unless we setup a SKU based filter on one of them. The issue is, we now need the same SKU fulfilled by both partners based on the location of order. Any help will be appreciated. 

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You can move fulfillment orders to different locations using Order Automator


If fulfillment orders are synced to both partners, then the problem may be with the fulfillment partner.


I would ask them:

1) When do orders sync. For example, right when an order comes in, or a certain time after an order comes in. Ideally orders would sync 5 minutes (or whatever time frame you feel is good) after the order comes in, to give a chance to modify the order before sending.


2) Do you only sync items in orders that are assigned to your location? If not, can you please do that?


People use Order Automator to check the order conditions (country, product types, etc), then change the location of the fulfillment order to suit their needs, then only after the change, their fulfillment service picks it up. I've come across cases where people have a 3rd party fulfillment service that automatically requests fulfillment of new orders, and they just have to turn that feature off (by contacting the fulfillment service, or changing an option if it's an installable app).

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It sounds like you're facing some challenges with managing order fulfillment between two partners based on the delivery location without relying on SKU-based filters. Fortunately, there's a solution that can address your needs effectively.


I recommend trying out Amazon MCF by WebBee. This app seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store and provides advanced fulfillment capabilities, including location-based fulfillment rules.


With Amazon MCF by WebBee, you can set up rules to automatically route orders to the appropriate fulfillment partner based on the delivery location. This eliminates the need for SKU-based filters and ensures that orders are fulfilled efficiently, regardless of the SKU.

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