Multi currency checkout with no shopify payments

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my store is currently based in the UAE (in AED) and uses Stripe as a payment gateway. I would like to expand to other GCC markets (in SAR), i was able to do that using the Markets feature on Shopify. However currently even though the store shows prices in SAR currency, checkout will always revert back to AED. Unfortunately Shopify Payments is not available in the UAE, is there a way to show the currency in SAR at checkout instead using any third party apps or using Stripe itself? I know stripe accepts payments from international cards but I want the correct currency to show as well. 

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@marchenrysaad I have the same problem on all my stores. However, Shopify does not seem to care must about their customers in this region. Super sad. But at least they leave room for new competitors to step in and take the prize in the GCC.

Best of luck Shopify.