Multi Location - Customers able to buy from other Country

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Hi, So we have two warehouses setup:

USA (can only ship inside USA)

Global (Based in Aus and can ship anywhere)

We're having issues where a customer outside the USA (in Australia) is able to purchase an item that is sold out in the Global Warehouse but is in stock in the USA Warehouse. 

However, the order is assigned to the Global warehouse and shipping is charged as if it was domestic within Australia. 

How can I stop this as it's not possible for us to be shipping from USA to Australia for no reason. 

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Hi there!


Did you set up shops separately for two warehouses? For instance, for US market, and for your global market.


In this way, you could direct your visitors to the correct shop based on their locations using GeoIP tools, like Geo Redirect. It also provides the best customisation to control different prices, shipping costs, and stock ability based on warehouse locations.


With Geo Redirect tool, if you visitor is in the US, and he goes to, it will auto direct him to shop that associates with your US warehouse). Visitors from the rest of countries will all direct to which has the warehouse in Australia. 


The tool is easy to set up redirecting rules. No code is necessary. The service will generate the Javascript code for you to add to your website. Shopify stores are perfectly supported.


Hope it helps.

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You should try a GeoIP Redirect Tool. 

It will automatically redirect the customer to their country-specific store. It’s a simple extension that you can integrate with your e-store. One that I would recommend is AppJetty Shopify GeoIP Redirect. 

This extension redirects your customers to their language-specific domain through geolocation. Further, it enables you to set some redirect parameters. The geolocation IP detection feature will restrict the IPs from different regions. You can also configure the backend to set the store view and currency manually. 

For more information about the extension, visit - Shopify GeoIP Store Switcher .