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We ship from NY, and want to setup a new European fulfillment location. Is activating multi-origin the solution for that ?

This is the flow i want to achieve:

1. Orders placed in the EU be fulfilled from the EU warehouse, i.e. EU customer is routed to EU location by default (ideally, fall-back to US if items are not in stock in EU location)
2. Any shipping cost for EU orders, will be calculated as shipped from the EU warehouse
3. Tax and VAT for EU orders, will be calculated accordingly, shipping from the EU warehouse

I'd be happy for any lead, of what would be the best way to get there.
Thank you!


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Hi Ziv,

I am happy to share my thoughts about how your set-up will legally and financially affect your tax obligations in the EU. Generally it is super important to pick the right location for your warehouse when it comes to taxes. Let's say your warehouse is located in the Netherlands you will need to register for VAT in the Netherlands and file taxes quarterly.  If you pick Germany you will need to file every month and end of year so a bit more complicated but not by much. However if you select a country in Southern or Eastern EU you most likely will need a local fiscal representative, open a bank account, file a lot reports and wait many month or sometimes years. It might cost you thousand of dollars just for VAT. In other words, what you save in warehouse costs needs to take in consideration costs of tax management in countries. I can go on and on... and you can see I'm very excited to share my advise before you sign contracts and start shipping.  🙂

We just recently recorded a free webinar about taxes when selling products online.

I can't post the link here it doesn't work... But if you google "Euro VAT Refund, Inc. in Los Angeles" and click on our website you'll find us. On the homepage in the middle under "latest news" there is a webinar. Fill in your name and email and it takes you to a free recording with tons of Powerpoint slides. Hope you find it helpful!

Email me after you watch it email us and I can set up a free consultation phone call and explain further.

Thank you! Bianca