Multi Origin Shipping Profile Setup to ship from product location

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Hello - We are a print shop with multiple locations. We have one website, and products ship from different locations to our customers.

We have each product setup with their correct Location set in product config. I've enabled Multi-Origin shipping.

But when getting shipping prices, the prices generated is based on our shop location, not the correct location each product ships from.  

How can I set it up so that shopify uses the origin location to for each product to generate the shipping quotes rather than our default address in shopify?



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Hello @clubcard,

 Shopify can use the origin location for each product only if you have created a shipping profile for each product based on shipping zone, shipping location.

Shopify usually has one common shipping profile in each Shopify store called general shipping profile. But, to have multiple shipping profiles based on products, zones, and locations,

you can create a custom shipping profile for each product under separate shipping zones and separate locations.

If the shipping profile setup is correct, then the product shows the location from where it is going to be shipped based on the shipping zone from the shipping profile of that product.

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