Multiple Fulfillment Centres on one store?

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Hello, I am wondering if the restriction of using just one fulfillment centre for my shopify store has been lifted.  There are many growth opportunities for international sales and overcoming those hideous shipping barriers, if I could use fulfillment houses in other countries all linked to my one store.

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Hi Jen, 

Where is the restriction on your Shopify account? As far as I know you can integrate with multiple fulfillment centers all you need to provide them with is your Shopify API credentials. Some fulfillment centers also offer a SKU filter so that only certain SKU's will be picked up by that fulfillment center.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need any additional help.


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Most people don't have different fulfillment centers based on SKU,  it's based on location - and no, Shopify support has confirmed that they do not have a solution for this, other than setting up multiple stores and paying double for everything. I am dealing with this pain in the ass issue right now myself. 


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You can always insert your own Carrier Shipping App and easily send orders to whatever fulfillment centre you want based on any logic you can dream up.

The App is handed the destination and all the SKU's of an order. The logic to determine which warehouse to contact can't be that difficult. SKU, destination or both.. take your pick. 

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Is this something you can built?