Multiple local delivery routes with specific delivery days

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Hi, Im trying to achieve multiple local delivery areas with specific delivery days per each area for example

Postcode range 1 - Delivery on Monday
Postcode range 2 - Delivery on Wednesday and Friday
Postcode range 3 - Delivery on Thursday
All other postcodes - default to courier rate 

Firstly are there any plugins that can achieve this? I have spent a while looking and am struggling to find a plugin that supports multiple local delivery areas.

Failing this I guess my option is to find a way of coding this myself with the only caveat that we need to be able to disable certain days (Such as christmas prefferably by someone with no coding knowledge)

Appreciate any help!

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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hello Nick,

I am Dumitro, a Support Guru with Shopify and I would be happy to shed some light on an app that could help you with this.

The app that comes to mind is called Local Delivery . You may have seen this app already since there are not many other apps that do this type of function. 

I understand the app may have it's limits and may not do exactly whay you want it to, however you could try reaching out to the app developer and see if there is anything they can do to add the features you need.

Have a great day,

Dumitro R.
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Have a great day, Dumitro R. Support Guru Shopify
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This is a very old post, but if anyone's seeing this currently I've written a tutorial about aggregating all open orders in a store into a Google Maps delivery route (which is, of course, the fastest such route).


It can be customized so that only specific postcodes are being pulled on specific dates, and that some dates are disabled by  default, and then you get the added benefit of the route being entered into Google Maps for easy navigation (for the drivers).


An example output for a roundrip delivery scheme:

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Hi there,

We just launched EasyRoutes, the easy way to create local delivery routes, as a free app in the Shopify app store.

You can select the orders you wish to deliver on a day, click the "Generate Route" button, and the EasyRoutes app calculates the most effective, economical route to help your drivers drop-off their deliveries as quickly as possible.

EasyRoutes uses Google Maps to optimize local delivery routes for your Shopify orders, allowing you to take advantage of Google's traffic and time-of-day data which helps you drop off your deliveries faster and more efficiently.

Hope this helps!

EasyRoutes (https://easyroutes) - Turn your Shopify orders into local delivery routes you can share with a driver or deliver yourself.

Supertime ( - Let your customers pick a date and time for delivery or pick-up on your store cart page.