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I started out using Woocommerce with Square as our POS. We had some sync issues and ultimately switch to using Square Online as our ecommerce solution.

Subsequently, we opened a second location. It actually took some time to fully realize that there is no option with Square Online to draw online sales from our total inventory (either/both location). It can only draw from one location or the other. (I guess their online platform is designed that way – and has not been able to be changed at least for the 5 or 6 years of posted complaints)

We are a small business so we need to be able to sell online from the inventory of either store. And subsequently ship to customers form either location.


Is anyone SURE (before I try to migrate our online sales from Square to Shopify) that sales can draw from our total inventory of both (or all)  location’s inventories - and be fulfilled from any location??  The other problem would be that I would need to maintain Square POS atleast for the next 6 months to year (in other words use Square POS at 2 locations and Shopify for online - selling form out total inventory).

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Hi @RosegateJC ,


It should be possible. Please check out this article to learn how multiple fulfillment locations are managed in Shopify: Shopify Fulfillment Locations Guide


Since you will be fulfilling orders from the default location, even though the products are stocked in different warehouses, Shopify will consider the inventory location as the fulfillment location. This may have an impact on shipping calculations or processing shipment labels.

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