Multiple Products with Same SKU - Not Updating Inventory in Sync

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Hi all,


I have two different shopify product pages that are both selling the same physical product. This physical product has just one SKU that I have entered on both product pages.


However, when the product is sold on product page A, it only updates the inventory of the physical product for that specific product page, and not the inventory for product B as well (which intuitively it should--because they are utilizing the same SKU).


How can I set it so that no matter where the physical product is sold (no matter which shopify product page it is sold on), the inventory will update across all areas?

The issue here is that product page A might sell 50 of the physical product, but it doesn't update that inventory at all on product page B and then I run into mismatched inventory numbers and fulfillment issues because we ran out of the product when we had no idea.

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Does anyone know if this is being worked on by shopify?


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Trunk is also an inventory management system like SkuVault so an alternative is to use Trunk which supports duplicate SKU syncing. If you don't want to sync duplicate SKUs, Trunk will also notify you if you have any duplicate SKUs.

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The app is too much money.  $29/month to update a few skus is not worth it.

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I Use 'Bundles'... Costs me $14 a month and works a treat!

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You can use Duplicate SKU Sync app - its costs just $5 and gets the job done.

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YES! This is exactly what I was looking for!! Just a super simple way to link common SKUs! Giving it a try and feeling excited!

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I dont understand why they would even give the option to duplicate a product if you cant sync the inventory.