Multiple shipping conditions (price + weight)?

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I've done some searching and best I can tell there's no native way to do shipping based on multiple criteria in Shopify so I'm looking for some ideas on splitting up my product shipping so I don't lose money on some items. 

Essentially I offer free shipping on orders over £50 (this is every chef knife on my site) but then I also have some products that are heavy (wooden stands and sharpening stones for example) that are also over £50 but I need to charge shipping for because the cost is much higher due to their weight. 

Is there some tool or way of configuring my products to say for example: 

-> Over £50 but under 1kg = Free shipping

-> Over £50 but more than 1kg = Charge shipping


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Can you please let me know which carrier you are using to ship your orders?

I feel the Multi Carrier Shipping Label App can handle your situation. You can set shipping rules by automation according to your shipping conditions. This app allows you to display live shipping rates, print labels in bulk and order tracking also. 

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