Multiple Shipping profiles + multiple shipping rates = doesn't give options, defaults to cheapest

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I created a couple of shipping profiles, one for certain smaller products and one for a couple of much larger products. Initially everything works as expected, if a shopping cart mixed products in band1 and band2, and it adds the shipping costs together when checking out. If band1 is $5 and band2 is $10, the shipping will come out as $15.


It all goes wrong though if you have two different rate options in a shipping profile. If it's a mix of products from both profiles, it does not prompt for a choice of rate and just defaults to the cheapest one?


In fact it only ever offers you a choice of 'rate' if the cart ONLY contains products in one of the shipping profiles.

Is this just the way Shopify is? I don't get the point of having different rate options if it only lets you use them / choose them in a very limited set of circumstances (ie, you have only one shipping profile on your store, OR a customers cart only has products in one shipping profile).


Can anyone shed any light?

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I have the same problem.

For 2 products in particular, we need to send them by courier, so it is a lot more expensive.

But, for all other products we offer free delivery when the cost is over €50. 

If you only order one of the products: everything is fine - you see the correct fee. But if you combine the 2 profiles - it takes the cheapest fee, which is €0.


2nd question: can you add a product to more than one warehouse? How? 

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Did you figure this out?

I have a similar issue. I setup one profile for parcel services (smaller items) and one for freight LTL (bulky items). Individually it works great, but combined it just offers the cheapest option.

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Have you found a solution? I have the same issue...

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Quote a lot of info here: Shipping Profiles 

One specific point regarding shipping with more than one shipping profile: If the different rates in each profile have the same descriptions (standard post, express, etc) then it will offer those descriptions to the customer at checkout, but if the description are different between the two profiles (e.g standard post, express, etc & basic delivery, quick delivery, etc) then Shopify combines (i.e. sums) the two cheapest options (standard post + basic delivery) and just offers that price to the customer as "shipping".

Unfortunately Shopify's shipping configurations are extremely limiting for anything but the most simple situations. If you want anything more advanced, you need to use an app.

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Hello @mikesort,
 In Shopify, you cannot disable the rates at the checkout because as both of the products are from 2 different shipping profiles, the rates are calculated as combined shipping rates at the checkout. The only possible way to get separate rates at the checkout is to apply specific shipping rules.
Some options you can consider are,

- Better Shipping.

- Advanced Shipping Rules.
- Parcelify

Ultimately this feature is in place to ensure merchants don’t end up overpaying for shipping when customers order products from multiple profiles or locations.

Alternatively, You can use the Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app if all your products were in a single profile. When there is a single profile, you can adjust the rules to skip the small product from shipping. 

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Hello @mikesort 

I wanted to ask why would you be charging $15? Why not just a flat rate if they pick 2 items or more? Does it require different sized boxes or would you be able to just put it into one? If you were looking to also save money on shipping while increasing conversions I can't recommend Fenix Commerce as that's exactly what they do. I even found a blog post where they talk about increasing conversions through shipping options and AI delivery. Wish you the best!

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Hi @atroya --


I'm dealing with this too currently: 2 products that if bought separately would be in different packaging, but if bought together would be combined into the same package. 


How do you set up what you suggest if combined into the same package?


Thanks in advance!