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I sell my own books, both digital and physical. I want to create a new store to market a completely diffrent genre of book, that way I can have a completely separate pixel for social media marketing. 


Is there a way to send/sync the orders from the new store to the original store and be fulfilled at the original store? 


I've heard of apps that let you have multiple pixels on one shopify store, but I've heard they can get really messy and make it hard to see the data on ads. 


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Yes, but you'd either need to build a custom app, or use an existing app that does that, that both stores would install.


From a technical standpoint, you need an app to read the order data coming in store A, then that app needs to have API access to store B so it can create the Shopify order there.


I would keep them separate if they are 2 different stores. Or if you wanted to keep on 1 store, maybe separate your books into collections, and have targeted ads for the new genre point to this new collection.

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Hey there. This may not be what you're after (forgive me if I'm off base!) but our app Starshipit can handle the fulfilment side of what you're looking for. Take a look at our support guide here with some more context: Managing multi-location, multi-brand, and dropshipping – Starshipit

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