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Multiple Vendors Checkout

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Hello, i tried looking for a similar trend but didn't find anything similar, so sorry if its repeated.

I have a store (Marketplace for entrepreneurs) with multiple vendors, each vendor has different products. Each one of them makes their own shipping, so they gave me their rates and i put it using "Custmoshipp" app (Working great)...but i have a problem whe someone boughts two different items from two different vendors...because it takes the rate for the vendor of the first product on the list; this gave me two problems:

1.- Not every vendor ships to the same places, some of them restrict their shipping to only a few districts, but as it only shows one rate of the first vendor, maybe that rate allows shipping to districts that the other vendor doesn't.

2.- As every vendor has a different shipping service (most of them delivered the products by themselves, they are small businesses), if it only shows one rate, the other product goes basically "Free shipping" as it only covers the rate for one vendor.

Is there anyway, app or liquid modification to split the checkout cart, or to only allow buy for one vendor at once....or i dont know...sum the shipping rates?

Thanks in advance!!

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having the same problmes here, need help!

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Curious to this as well! Did you happen to find a resolution? 

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Hey @co-market! Shopify only allows you to apply 1 shipping rate for each order, I believe this is to your benefit as a retail store as well. As you can imagine customers would definitely not want to be paying multiple times for shipping on a single order.

I would recommend doing the following:
1. Include part of the shipping cost in the product price.

2. Don't count too much into how much shipping cost for each item. A retail store like yours that holds multiple dropship items has the capability to scale precisely because you do not manage fulfillment. Just ensure that you are making a profit on every item after shipping cost, even if it is a lesser amount. Then focus on marketing your brand and adding more products to your store.


If you are a multi-vendor store, you should definitely check out Duoplane. It is an app that handles multi-vendor order routing, inventory syncing, shipping feed and more. The reports page where you are able to track your profits, including shipping costs, is particularly useful as well. It is a dropship automation app that will help you scale your dropshipping store.

Best of all, the customer support is excellent, and you can get a free trial before making any commitment. Do your research to see what best suits your needs. Don't just take my word for it - check out Duoplane on the Shopify app store and read the reviews.

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